Wild imagination causes infinite delight!

a strange coincidence


My sister and I are sitting on a bed. ‘Look!’, she says. I look where her finger points and see a beautiful orange butterfly, a marvellous orange hue with white dots on the paper-like wings. I unfold the palm of my hand and the butterfly lands in it. The butterfly splits into two smaller butterflies, then in four even smaller ones; two of which become even smaller, the other two becoming rather big ladybugs. Now they all merge into one big caterpillar with an orange paper flower on it’s back. He walks off my hand, off the bed and the camera zooms out, the bed is in the middle of a residential street. The caterpillar proceeds to the corner of the street, my sister and I follow him. A streetcleaning-icecream-vending van approaches, with noisy rotating brushes.. will he run over the caterpillar? With all my strength I push it away; the caterpillar is safe.